How we can help you learn Thai Language in Singapore

There are different ways to learn the Thai Language depending on (1) the proficiency standard you would like to achieve and (2) your commitment levels. At learnthaiinsingapore, we offer the following services for your Thai language needs:

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For individuals: Practice your Thai language speaking skills through daily conversations. Learn how to use Thai to express everyday small talk.

555555 in Thai texting -learnThaiinSingapore

For individuals: A serious Thai language learner aiming to take your Thai to the next level? Start off by learning how to read the Thai script & text in Thai!

Translate from Thai to English and Translate from English to Thai

For Individuals / Businesses: Translate from Thai to English, English to Thai, Thai to Chinese and Chinese to Thai here!

Thai lesson in Singapore

For individuals: Enhance your Thai Language skills by going for regular classes. Use your SkillsFuture credits to offset the course fees!