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Hallo, Sawatdii ka สวัสดีค่ะ🙏🏼

My name is Joanne (Thai nickname= Jann). I’m 100% Singaporean but I enjoy being a “fake Thai”. Till today, some people still believe I am half Thai 😂

I decided to build this website because I noticed that most Thai language learning resources in Singapore are shared by Thais. Which is awesome in its way because no one can speak better Thai than a “true blue” Thai. But this also means no one can understand the struggles of learning Thai better than a foreigner, who is starting from zero Thai exposure.

I hope this website will give you all the motivation and resources you need to learn the Thai language. Enjoy learning na ka~

Keen to pick up simple Thai phrases to haggle for better prices at Chatuchak? Want to impress a beautiful Thai lady? Learning Thai language for business reasons? Planning travels to exotic, non-touristy spots in Thailand?

There are just so many reasons to learn the Thai language. Whatever your motivations, you’ve hit the jackpot by landing on my website! I’ll be sharing my personal experiences on why I learnt Thai, how I became fluent in the Thai Language within 2.5 years and how learning Thai has helped me in my career.

You did not read that wrongly. I became fluent in the Thai language within 2.5 years – and I would still be certified to teach Thai had I bothered to renew my certificate with The Sirindhorn Thai Language Institute, Chulalongkorn University.

Sirindhorn Thai Language Institute, Chulalongkorn University 
Sirindhorn Thai Language Institute, Chulalongkorn University
Image taken from: https://www.facebook.com/stichula/

Questions might start exploding in your head. Is it easy to learn Thai? Where did I learn Thai – in Singapore obviously (given the domain name) – but exactly where? What Thai books or language learning apps did I use? How did I manage to learn Thai so quickly? All these questions and more will be answered in my About page and on my Blog page on learning the Thai language. But first, a bit about myself.

Chulalongkorn University Proficiency Test of Thai as a Foreign Language (CU-TFL)

Why I Learnt the Thai Language

I had never planned to learn Thai. It was a complete fluke. 

I had always been more interested in learning Japanese (anime, anyone?) and had plans to go to Japan for my Student Exchange Programme (“SEP”). However, NUS introduced a gradeless first year after my cohort and reserved half the schools for SEP for the junior batch. Given the list of modules I wanted to map over for my SEP, I was left with no choice. From the whole world, it was narrowed down to the one and only school – Thammasat University in Thailand.

Thammasat University Tha Prachan Bangkok | มหาวิทยาลัยธรรมศาสตร์
Thammasat University Tha Prachan Bangkok | มหาวิทยาลัยธรรมศาสตร์
Image taken from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thammasat_University

In hindsight, I call this providential.

How learning the Thai Language has helped me in my career today

Today, I am an ex EDBian (Singapore Economic Development Board civil servant), current SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) specialist with the #1 fastest growing digital marketing agency in Singapore. I made the career switch in 2019 and have not looked back since.

It was certainly no mean feat jumping out from a government aka paperwork job into an up-and-coming digital marketing role. Even now in 2021, most Singaporeans are not well versed with the term “SEO”. However, I was very fortunate that GroupM was looking for a Thai-speaking SEO intern and was willing to train that hire from scratch in SEO. And here I was, a ready-made Thai-speaking SEO-Analyst-Wannabe 😂

GroupM Thai Speaking SEO job poster on mycareersfuture.gov.sg

In a roundabout way, being able to speak Thai landed me a job in this awesome industry 🥰

Whatever your motivations are to learn the Thai Language, I hope that you will find the journey as rewarding and as fulfilling as I did.

FAQs on Learning the Thai Language

FAQs for Beginner Thai Learners

FAQs for Intermediate/Advanced Thai Learners

Advanced Thai listening – see how much you can understand without subtitles!