Fast & Easy Way to Learn Thai Vocab

There are no shortcuts around this. 🥺 Building your vocabulary base is absolutely essential when it comes to learning a language. How else will you be able to learn to speak in Thai if you don’t have the vocabulary to express basic concepts such as your feelings, or describe simple activities? 😭

Instead of blindly memorizing Thai vocabulary, I will share below a cheat code to memorize Thai vocab in a fast and easy way. Read on to find out more! 😎

Structure of Thai Vocab

Most Thai words are formed by combining a root word with another word to create a new vocab word of a similar meaning. For example,

Root WordAnother WordMeaning of the Combined Word
Heart (Jai / ใจ)Enter (Khao / เข้า)Khao Jai (เข้า + ใจ)
To enter one’s heart, i.e. to understand
Factory / A large room (Rong /โรง)Study (Rian / เรียน)Rong Rian (โรง + เรียน)
A large room / factory for studying, i.e. a school
Person / Professional (Nak / นัก)Sports (Kiilaa / กีฬา)Nak (นัก + กีฬา)
A professional sports person, i.e. an athlete
Structure of Thai Vocabulary

Based on the above structure, knowing one root word will help you build your Thai vocabulary base easily by combining it with other related words to form new vocabulary words. Are you ready to see this in action? 😇

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How to Say the Different Rooms in Thai

Room in Thai is hong (ห้อง, falling tone). Similar to the concept above, combining the word hong with many other words will give you a whole easily-remembered Thai vocabulary list. 🥳

Another WordMeaning of the Combined Word
Sleep (Norn/นอน)Hong Norn (ห้อง + นอน)
Sleeping Room i.e. bedroom
Water (Narm/น้ำ)Hong Narm (ห้อง + น้ำ)
Water Room i.e. washroom/toilet
Book (Samut/สมุด)Hong Samut (ห้อง + สมุด)
Books Room i.e. library
Eat Food (Thaan Aharn/ ทาน + อาหาร)Hong Thaan Aharn (ห้อง + ทาน + อาหาร)
Eating Food Room i.e. dining room
List of Different Rooms in Thai Language

How to say Different Colours in Thai

Colour in Thai is sii (สี, rising tone). As per the concept above on how Thai vocabulary is structured, combining the word sii with many related words will give you a the complete list of colours in Thai language. 🥳

Another WordMeaning of the Combined Word
Red (daeng/แดง)Sii Daeng (สี + แดง) = Red Colour
Orange (sorm)
*also refers to the fruit orange
Sii Sorm (สี + ม่วง) = Orange Colour
Yellow (leuang/เหลือง)Sii Leuang (สี + เหลือง) = Yellow Colour
Green (khiaw/เขียว)
*fai / ไฟ = light
*fai khiaw fai daeng / ไฟ + เขียว + ไฟ + แดง = green light red light, i.e. traffic light
Sii Khiaw (สี + เขียว) = Green Colour
Dark Blue (narm ngern/น้ำเงิน)Sii Narm Ngern (สี + น้ำเงิน) = Dark Blue Colour
Light Blue (faa /ฟ้า)
*also means sky
Sii Faa (สี + ฟ้า) = Light Blue Colour
Purple (muang/ม่วง)Sii Muang (สี + ม่วง) = Purple Colour
Pink (chompuu/ชมพู)Sii Chompuu (สี + ชมพู) = Pink Colour
Black (dam/ดำ)
*jai / ใจ = heart
*jai dam / ใจ + ดำ = black heart i.e. callous
Sii Dam (สี + ดำ) = Black Colour
White (khaaw/ขาว)Sii Khaaw (สี + ขาว) = White Colour
Gold (thong/ทอง)Sii Thong (สี + ทอง) = Gold Colour
Silver (ngern/เงิน)
*also means money
Sii Ngern (สี + เงิน) = Silver Colour
Brown (narm taan/น้ำตาล)
*also means sugar
Sii Narm Taan (สี + น้ำตาล) = Brown Colour
List of Colours in Thai Language

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Joanne Tan is an aspiring polyglot and has so far mastered English, Chinese and Thai languages. She first started learning Thai in 2015 before staying in Bangkok for 5 months, and then continued studying Thai up to Advanced Levels at the National University of Singapore. In 2017, Joanne was awarded ‘Advanced Thai Proficiency’ by the Sirindhorn Thai Language Institute of Chulalongkorn University. Today, Joanne continues to teach her friends basic Thai speaking and helps her Thai friends actively promote Thai culture.