Common & Useful Vocabulary From Thai Dramas

If you have watched lots of Thai dramas, you will definitely have come across these terms. It is good to know what they mean in English and hopefully, this encourages you to learn Thai! 🥰

Thai WordEnglish Meaning
AhAunt/Uncle (younger brother/sister of father)
AiDerogatory title used before the names of men or when referring to men *
ChaiYes , affirmative
Chan“I”, “Me” for mostly females and sometimes males. `
EeDerogatory title used before the names of women or when referring to women *
GuRude way to say “I” `
HiaF word in Thai Language *
Hi-SoPeople from rich/high society
JaeElder sister
Ka / KrubPolite ending. Ka for females and Krub for males. ^
Khun“You” or Polite title used before names “
LungUncle. Polite term for older males.
Mae / MaaMother. Mae is formal and Maa is informal
MaiNo, negative
MeungRude way to say “you” in Thai “
Mia /
Wife. Mia is informal, Pa-Ra-Yaa is formal
Naa/NaAunt/Uncle (younger brother/sister of mother)
Nang-EkLeading actress, heroine
NongYounger sibling, younger person “
NuuI (for girls, when speaking to someone older than themselves) `
PhiiOlder sibling, older person “
Phor / PaaFather. Phor is formal and Paa is informal
Pra-EkMain actor, hero
RukLove ^^
Sa-dthuMeans “Amen”
Sa-wa-deeA polite greeting. **
Su-SuMeans jiayou in Chinese, fighting in Korean. Words of encouragement.
Common & Useful Vocabulary From Thai Dramas –

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