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Fortunately, Thai numbers are fairly straightforward to memorize. Learning Thai numbers will be very useful for you to haggle for better prices, order dishes, or impress a pretty Thai girl when you take photos for her and start counting in Thai 😘

Neung…saawng…saam…let’s dive in right now! 🤩

Thai Numbers 1 – 10 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣🔟

Arabic NumeralThai NumeralThai WritingThai PronunciationThai Tone
1หนึ่ง / เอ็ด ^neùng / èt ^low / low
2สอง / ยี่ ^sǎawng / yêe ^rising / falling
5ห้าhâa *falling
Numbers in Thai Language –

^ Check below for exceptions
*Learn what does 55555 mean in Thai. Given that 5 in Thai is “haa”, you should have some idea now!
**bpàaet uses the consonant between B and P /ป
***gâo is the consonant between G and K / ก

All that is left now is to pair up the numbers the way you do for Chinese (assuming you are a Chinese language speaker). For example, 30 will be “sǎam sìp” , 79 will be “jèt sìp gâo”. And so on.

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Exceptions in Thai Numbers

That said, there are 2 exceptions you need to take note of when pairing up the numbers 0-9 to form numbers up to 99. They are:

  • When the number 1 is standing on its own, it is “neùng”.
    • So counting 1, 2, 3 would be “neùng, sǎawng, sǎam”
  • When the number 1 is at the back, it is “èt”.
    • So 11, 31, 41 etc would be สิบเอ็ด sìp èt (11), sǎam sìp èt (31), sìi sìp èt (41)……and so on
  • When the number 2 is standing on its own, or at the back, it is “sǎawng”.
    • So counting 1, 2, 3 would be “neùng, sǎawng, sǎam”.
    • So 12, 32, 42 etc would be sìp sǎawng (12), sǎam sìp sǎawng (32), sìi sìp sǎawng (42)……and so on
    • 21, 22, 23 etc – ยี่สิบเอ็ด yêe sìp et (21), yêe sìp sǎawng (22), yêe sìp sǎam (23)……and so on

Here’s a simple – no frills YouTube video I found to teach Thai 1 – 20.

Thai Numbers: Going Beyond 1 to 10

  • 💯 ร้อย – rói – high tone (100)
  • 💵 พัน – phan – mid/no tone (1,000)
  • 💰หมื่น – mèuhn – low tone (10,000)
  • 💵💵แสน – săen – rising tone (100,000)
  • 💰💰 ล้าน – láan – high tone (1,000,000)

This is fairly straightforward and the rules above applies. So 2162 would be “sǎawng phan neùng rói hòk sìp sǎawng” and 1,300,021 would be “neùng láan sǎam săen yêe sìp et”.

Here’s a nice Thai song to listen to, with แสน săen and ล้าน láan within the song 🥰

Why you need to learn numbers in Thai language

  • Time
    This is fairly straightforward. How would you say it’s 5pm now without knowing how to say 5 in Thai? 😂😂5555555
  • Money
    When you’re asking someone how much something is in Thai, they will naturally reply you in Thai. You then need to know the Thai numbers and what the answer is, or you might as well ask how much is it in English (and pay the foreigner price in some instance 😥)
  • Counting
    The Thai way of saying things is to have a counter and a classifier. So this goes beyond simple Q & A of “how many people are there”/”there are 2 people”. But even when ordering food, the Thai way to say is “khor phat thai caan neung” (I’ll have 1 plate of rice)

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