Sai Lub Lip Gloss / Lipgloss Spy -Thai Drama 2022 on Netflix

Sai Lub Lip Gloss Thai Drama Plot Summary

Sai Lub Lip Gloss, or Lipgloss Spy, is an action, romantic and comedy Thai drama. ‎(Note: Spy = Sai Lub) Boy Pakorn Chatborirak stars in Sai Lub Lip Gloss as Inspector Tee who is seeking revenge on the drug lord behind his sister’s death. Various incidents bring him closer to beauty blogger Baralee and together, they bring down not just Prakan but the real masterminds of the drug trafficking ring.

Lip Gloss Spy Thai Drama Trailer

Ps: There are no English subtitles for this trailer 😀 Sai Lub Lipgloss isn’t that well known a Thai drama to warrant a trailer with English subtitles (oops)

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Review on Lip Gloss Spy Thai Drama

I wasn’t expecting any suspense or mystery from Sai Lub Lip Gloss. It is very obvious from the start who the good and bad guys are. No surprises that SPOILER ALERT!!! Madam G is the mastermind and that Dr Ekkachai is the cat’s paw. Madam G’s clashes with Prakan makes it obvious she is part of the drug trafficking network. You need a scientist to come up with the formula for drugs and Dr Ekkachai is the only scientist in this lakorn. Even the introduction of Senachai at the end felt very random and it was clear he was introduced to be one of the main bad guys. Instead, I was more interested in the back story of what brought Madam G and Senachai together to run this drug trafficking network, which the script writers did a good job to explain (never mind the other plot holes).

List of Characters in Lipgloss Spy / Sai Lub Lip Gloss

The Good Guys in Sai Lub Lipgloss

  • Inspector Tee: A detective disheartened by the lack of action within the police force and distraught by the death of his sister at the hands of drug lord Prakan. Tee ends up quitting the police force and forms a mish mash team of spies to bring down Prakan and his drug trafficking ring. Acted by Boy Pakorn, who also stars in Wayupak Montra and Matuphum Haeng Huachai.
  • “Lee” Baralee: A beauty blogger who lost her day job due to an insensitive clip. Lee stumbles onto Inspector Tee several times, saving his life by accident. After being attacked by the drug traffickers who assumed she was part of Tee’s gang, Lee ends up joining forces with Tee to expose Prakan and the mastermind behind Tee’s sister’s death.
  • “Korn” Warakorn: A detective who used to be close to Tee. Korn helps to uncover the truth by working undercover in a perfume shop in Prakan’s hotel.
  • “Fon” Yadphirun: Daughter of scientist Dr Ekkachai. Fon owns the perfume shop in Prakan’s hotel where Korn works undercover at. Love interest of Korn.
  • “Phop” Danuphop: A reporter who sensed that something was amiss during the death of an employee at M hotel which is run by Prakan. Phop is determined to dig deeper into the employees death and inadvertently helps Tee to discover the truth of the drug trafficking network.
  • “Phueng” Namphueng: A university student who started the social media group “No more justice” to expose cover ups. Phueng is the step daughter of Prakan and true heir to M hotel. Love interest of Phop. Phueng is acted by Mild Lapassalan Jiravechsoontornkul who played the lead role in the Ugly Duckling Thai Lakorn Series.

The Bad Guys in Sai Lub Lipgloss

  • Madam G: Owner of G Cosmetics where Baralee worked at after she got fired from her day job. Mastermind of the drug trafficking network. Madam G is finally caught and brought to jail.
  • Prakan: Step father of Pheung who runs M Hotel and is part of the drug trafficking network. Killed by Senachai’s minions for his betrayal and attempts to go solo.
  • Senachai: Mentor of Tee and Korn. Senachai lost his family and mobility while bringing down the drug trafficking network and his superior who had betrayed the police force. After killing his superior and all the old members of the drug network, Senachai was tempted by Madam G to run the drug network themselves. Senachai killed himself while being confronted by Tee and Korn.
  • Dr Ekkachai: Fon’s father, who was forced to formulate drugs for Madam G. Survives an attempted murder ordered by Madam G.
  • Dr Worachai: Rogue doctor running a hospital to treat patients with alzheimer’s disease. In reality, patients are used as guinea pigs for the drug network’s new LSD formula. Killed while trying to destroy evidence in the hospital.

Gross Plot Holes in Lip Gloss Spy Thai Drama

HOW HOW HOW can a hospital be the place to test LSD drugs on patients?🤦‍♀️The thought of it is just SO ABSURB. Granted that this isn’t Singapore but even so, if anything, shouldn’t hospitals be subjected to more stringent checks from the government?🤯 Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic? And why would anyone work/continue working in the hospital if they suspect something is wrong with the handling of patients?🤦‍♀️

WHY WHY WHY would Madam G distribute drugs using her very own G Cosmetics which she is the CEO of?🤦‍♀️ It is obvious that people are buying G Cosmetics products not for the cosmetics but something else – as evident when a drug addict tried to rob a random girl for her cosmetics. This is just inviting G Cosmetics to be scrutinized by the police force (and media) – and in this lakorn Madam G is not an idiot.🤯

WHAT WHAT WHAT was Pheung and Phop thinking when they decided to enter the lion’s den aka drug factory WITHOUT INFORMING OR BEING ACCOMPANIED BY ANY POLICEMEN??🤯 Granted – they’re eager for a scoop. But anyone with a brain will know that the premises will be well-protected and that they wouldn’t stand a chance to escape alive thereafter. The only reason why Pheung and Phop survived was the drama couldn’t let these protagonist die and so the bad guys didn’t stupidly kill them once they were captured.🤦‍♀️

Sai Lub Lip Gloss - Lip Gloss Spy Thai Drama 2022 Netflix
Sai Lub Lip Gloss Thai Drama 2022 Netflix

That said, Lip Gloss Spy is still a chillax drama worth watching just to get practice on Thai language listening. Enjoy watching na ka~

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