Krist, Nanon, Off, Lee, Luke – Beast Inside Ost. The Jungle

Krist, Nanon, Off, Lee, Luke – Beast Inside Ost. The Jungle Thai Drama [Romanization Lyric + Eng]. Enjoy listening as you learn Thai na ka~🥰

Krist, Nanon, Off, Lee, Luke – Beast Inside Ost.The Jungle [Romanization Lyric + Eng]

We just having fun baby

ในใจคิดอะไร ทำดิ
nai jai kit arai tam di
What you’re thinking of, do it

ปล่อยตามหัวใจ Lady
bploi dtam hua jai Lady
Let go, follow your heart lady

จะทำอะไร คิดทำไม Have fun
ja dtam arai khit thammai Have fun
Why think so much (about) what you want to do? Have fun

samrap chan mai mi arai thi man phit
As for me there’s no such thing as “wrong”

แค่เวลานี้มันต้องมันส์ เพราะว่าเครื่องมันติด
khae wela ni man dtong man pro wa kreuang man tid
Just this time when the engine’s on fire, it’s hard to quit

แต่ว่าเธออะ ลองดูไหม ฉันอะ No limit
dtae wa tur ah long doo mai chan a No limit
Do you want to try? I got no limit

Bad never sad

ฉันจะทำให้ Wow!
chan ja tham hai Wow
I will make it wow

Oh yeah eh

จะทำยังไง ก็ไม่อยากแค่ไปทักทาย
ja tham yang ngai go mai yak khae bpai taktai
Whatver happens I don’t want to just say hi/greet

Oh yeah

รู้อยู่แก่ใจ ไม่ให้ใครเข้ามาหยุดไว้
roo yu gae jai mai hai krai kao ma yud wai
Deep down I know I won’t be denied

ja kao bpai kang nai bpai nai jai
I will make my way to your heart

doi mai khae wa krai ja phut arai
I couldn’t care less what people say

เธอไปกับใคร ฉันก็ไม่สนนะ
tur bpai gap krai chan gor mai son na
I don’t care (that/if) you’re out with someone else

tha bpai tham hai tur nang peu lameu non kidteung gan
If I make you sleepwalk and dream about me

ก็คงต้อง Sorry ฉันจะทำให้เธอไม่ลืมกันสักวัน
go kong dtong Sorry chan ja tam hai tur mai leum gan sak wan
I’m sorry (if) I’ll make you remember me/each other one day

This song uses “chan” for I (for guys) and “tur” for you.
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sanchat dtayan bok chan
My gut tells me

dtam jai dtua eng tao nan
Do whatever I want only

Feels Like a beast inside (Feels like a beast inside)

nai jai man ron meuan fai took reu pid laew ngai
My heart is hot/impatient like fire. Who cares (about) right or wrong?

Because we are player, player

Oh Eh Oh Eh Oh Oh
Feels Like a beast inside
We are The Jungle Jungle
Oh Eh Oh Eh Oh Oh
Feels Like a beast inside
We are The Jungle Jungle
We are in The Jungle
I’ll make you on fire
You are my desire

dtae chan dtong tam ngai
But what must I do

Yeah รุกเขาไปและทำอะไรให้เธอสน
yeah rook kao bpai lae tam arai hai tur son
Yeah, (I) know to charge in and do something make you care

หันไปหาเธอ แล้วหวั่นไหวตลอด
han bpai ha ter laew wanwai dtalot
When I turn around (and) look at you, I flutter

Yeah อยากทักก็เข้ามา
yeah yak tak go kao ma
Yeah, come in closer

Cuz We’re trouble maker

ถ้าลองรักกันแล้ว คงหยุดไม่ได้
tha long rak gan laew kong yud mai dai
If we’re in love, there’s no way to stop

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