Thai Drama 2021: Love in Twilight | พระจันทร์แดง Prajan Daeng

Love in Twilight Thai Drama Review

Honestly, Love in Twilight isn’t a lakorn to watch if you’re watching Thai dramas to improve Thai listening and speaking skills. The plot largely surrounds a tribe and their tradition so they use traditional Thai words such as “ka” (falling tone) for “you”, which isn’t any of the many Thai ways to say “you” in today’s modern society. But hey – it’s necessary to indulge yourself and watch Thai dramas purely for entertainment once in a while. If every Thai drama you watch is to self-learn Thai, short of being a machine, it’ll eventually kill your interest and love for the language (or so I claim) 😉😉

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Learning Some Thai Vocab from This Thai Drama

Because, the ultimate purpose of watching Thai lakorns is to learn Thai, chai mai? 😉

  • In this Thai lakorn, you will keep hearing the term “Seua Phaya”, which means “Tiger King”. This is because Seua = Tiger and Phaya = King in Thai Language.
  • The Thai title of this Thai lakorn is พระจันทร์แดง / Prajan Daeng. พระจันทร์ prajan means moon and แดง daeng, or สี แดง sii daeng means red. This is because the Seua Phaya will only appear when the tribe does a traditional religious ceremony to turn the moon red.
  • พระจันทร์ prajan / moon is written in a “weird” way with lots of exceptions – consonant that is not pronounced and a silencer. Click here if you need help to learn Thai reading and writing!

Love in Twilight (Prajan Daeng) Thai Drama Trailer

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Prajan Daeng Review and Random Ramblings

What I liked about Thai Lakorn Love in Twilight (Prajan Daeng)

The scriptwriters did a great job with Love in Twilight 🥰 until the end 🤧 10 thumbs up from me when portraying the conflict between the different characters. This isn’t a typical Thai drama with noble self-sacrificing saints 💯💯 Besides the bad guys (yes there are bad guys in every Thai drama I’ve watched), the good guys are real humans in the sense that they all have their selfish agendas and will make “wrong” decisions in their interest 🥺 For example, Nontha was contemplating killing Sama 😢 to bring back the Suea Phaya’s spirit to the tribe. Sama was willing to risk exposing the tribe’s secret (and thus ability to care for the forest) to Pa, an outsider, in a desperate attempt to find true love and end his loneliness 😢. Kalong switched her affection from Nontha to Sama upon realising that the Suea Phaya’s spirit is with Sama, because she has been brought up to marry the guy with the Suea Phaya’s spirit 😢Good guys can make wrong decisions and this is all part about being human in a fallen world 🥺

Love in Twilight (Prajan Daeng) Thai Drama

What I did not like about Thai Lakorn Love in Twilight (Prajan Daeng)

I didn’t like quite a few poor decisions made in Prajan Daeng and that’s where I’ll dock some points off. For instance, it was sheer stupidity for Saksit to drive to a private location with crucial evidence without smelling a rat 🤦🏻‍♀️ And if they saw no one in the restaurant, shouldn’t they immediately know something is off and then flee the scene? Or what about making a copy of the crucial evidence? His subordinate really died for nothing 😖

And then, if bringing Parichat into Sama’s house was for safety to make sure she isn’t alone for Pranbun to capture, then it was a stupid thing for everyone to leave the house and expose Parichat to an attack there. Communication hello? 🙄

The ending of Prajan Daeng was what really upset me (ignoring the part where Tuamakha’s death was completely glossed over). The biggest thing that irked me was – when Sama’s heart stopped beating, was WHY WASN’T THE SEUA PHAYA SPIRIT BEING PASSED ON TO NONTHA? 🤯🤯🤯 A crucial conflict of this drama was how the Seua Phaya spirit was passed on to Sama instead of Nontha. I was expecting to see ending shots of how Sama can enjoy his life as a normal human being and Nontha learning to be a Seua Phaya that would be a better version than if he had received the spirit from the start. All of which didn’t happen BOOO 💩💩

Overall, this drama focuses a lot on forest conservation and all so it’s a good show to watch if you’re into nature and environmental awareness 🌳🌱 Enjoy watching na ka~~ 🥰🥰

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