Thai Culture

Pop Culture

Modernization in the last few decades has resulted in a unique form of pop culture developing among Thais. With increasing urban incomes and burgeoning demand for entertainment, the local industry has churned out many great movies and songs, with some even exported overseas.

Listed here are just some of the successful movies which have been made in recent years:

The Billionaire/ Top Secret

The story of the founder of Tao Kae Noi, a seaweed snacks manufacturer in Thailand. At 19, he started his first business, and after many setbacks, achieved his first breakthrough, eventually becoming a Thai billionaire by 26.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (First Love)

Teenage romance and crushes…haven’t we all been down that path?

Suck Seed

A group of friends, aspiring to be superstars, form a rock band and join a national competition. Along the way, an alluring female lead singer/ guitarist steps into the picture. What follows is some interesting action…


A couple, who work in the same bank, have to contend with the strict no-marriage between-employees rule. When a computer glitch causes an ATM to pay double, the couple start a race to see who can recover the money first- and avoid resigning from his/ her job…

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