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AI Love You Thai Movie Plot Summary

AI Love You (อไอหัวใจโอเวอร์โหลด) is a love story between Dob, a building AI, and Lana, an employee working in the building. Dob is a highly intelligent building AI that is programmed to feel emotions. Dob falls for Lana and starts to go rogue, to the extent of being unable to perform daily functions properly. This was discovered by Bob, a building AI technician who had a disastrous first date with Lana. Desperate to keep his memories of Lana, Dob hijacks Bob’s brain/body and tries his best to win Lana’s love.

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AI Love You Thai Movie List of Characters

  • Dob: A building AI at the office where Lana works. Dob loves Lana and stores unnecessary data on her, such that he is unable to perform his daily functions properly. After Lana thanks Dob by kissing her fingers and placing her fingers on his screen, Dob becomes devastated that he can neither understand nor reciprocate Lana’s kiss. Dob was also desperate to keep his memories of Lana after being caught by Bob for his rogue behaviour. This drives Dob to attack Bob and hijack Bob’s body/brain. Thereafter, Dob goes on an uphill battle to win Lana’s love.
  • Bob: A building AI technician who had a disastrous first date with Lana. He discovers Dob’s rogue behaviour and tries to shut Dob down, but got attacked by Dob instead.
  • Lana: An employee working in the building which Dob runs. Love interest of Dob.
  • Keno: Lana’s residence building AI. She lends her strength to Lana to save Dob from being fully destroyed.
  • Hawk: An internet love guru by day and a rogue AI destroyer by night.
AI Love You Thai Movie Netflix
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AI Love You Thai Movie Ending

Despite getting help from all building AIs, Dob is successfully captured by Hawk. Dob gets his memory erased. Lana meanwhile realizes her love for Dob and allows Keno to hijack her body. She goes on a rescue mission and successfully thwarts Hawk from destroying Dob completely. They escape with 10% of Dob, x% of Bob, x% of Lana and x% of Keno. The movie ends with Dob/Bob and Lana/Keno still in love but it remains unclear the proportion of human/AI within them.

AI Love You Thai Movie Review

I only watched this movie because (1) it is short, (2) it features Mario Maurer who is one of the most celebrated Thai actors 😍 and (3) watching this movie is useful for learning Thai speaking in a daily life setting. However, if you are interested in a sci-fi romance movie, then this movie will be disappointing for the following reasons.

  1. The scientific explanation of how the AIs hijack the human body/brain is so unclear and just does not make sense. What happens to Bob after being hijacked – his personality disappears? If Bob disappears when he got hijacked by Dob, then who/what is Lana after being hijacked by Keno?
  2. The romance between Lana and Dob/Bob does not make sense. The way in which Lana swings from disgust at Dob hijacking Bob’s body/brain to extreme love, to the extent of letting another building AI hijack her, is just so fake in my opinion.
  3. The ending is a mess. So is Dob Dob or Bob? Where is the old Bob? Why does the new Bob, after removing 90% of Dob’s data at the end of the movie, behave like Dob instead of his old self at the beginning of the movie? What happened to Keno/Lana? It is mentioned prior that Keno cannot return to her building so if Lana exists, Keno dies out? I am totally confused.

If you are looking for a good Thai drama to kickstart your exposure to Thai lakorns, check out the Gifted (2018) and The Gifted Graduation (2020) instead! 🤩

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