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The Gifted (Thai TV Series) Thai Drama Plot Summary

The Gifted 2018 (นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์) follows the school life of main protagonist Pang after he mysteriously earns a spot in Ritdha High School’s prestigious Gifted Program. After the thrill of discovering his special powers which led him to the Gifted Program, Pang realizes that there are dark secrets surrounding the Gifted Program and he sees it as his duty to expose those dark secrets to the world.

The Gifted Thai Drama Trailer with Eng Sub

The Gifted Thailand Drama Review

The Gifted (2018) is one of the best Thai dramas I’ve ever watched 😍. The storyline is captivating, the character development is complete and it makes a perfect Netflix show that ends on a cliffhanger. I look forward to a sequel and to see how (1) the powers of Pang are further developed, (2) how the entire Gifted Class works together to bring down SPOILER ALERT!!! Director Supot.

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The Gifted (2018) Thailand Plot Spoilers


Main Characters in The Gifted, their Powers and Personalities

Pawaret “Pang” Sermrittirong
Acted by Korapat Kirdpan (Nanon)

A struggling student in Class 8, the lowest of all classes in Ritdha High School’s grade sorting system, Pang has one of the most powerful gifts – The ability to compel someone to do what he wants. After discovering that Director Supot is abusing normal students to hone the powers of the gifted students, Pang convinces Wave to join forces with him and expose Director Supot’s crimes to the publlic.

I do not like Pang. I agreed with Nac (Pang’s old best friend) that Pang abandons his friends. Initially, Pang was close to Nac, then fell out with him. Pang switched to being buddies with Ohm and Namtaan, then towards the end switched to Wave to bring down Director Supot. While I sympathised with Pang’s falling out with Nac, Pang should have included Ohm and Namtaan in his schemes to fight against Director Supot. His failure to do so shows Pang’s lack of trust in his friends 😕

Nanon has also acted in The Jungle as a pair of twins. Fantastic acting there! 🤩

Wasuthorn “Wave” Worachotmethee
Acted by Wachirawit Ruangwiwat (Chimon)

A computer and mathematics genius from Class 1, Wave’s special power to control electronic devices he has once laid hands on. Wave starts out as a character everyone would hate – a downright snobbish tatter tale. However, when Wave’s painful past was revealed, I went “awww poor Wave” 🥺 and realised how lonely and betrayed Wave felt. I hoped Wave would find true friends with his gifted classmates. For the ending, I wanted to see how Wave bonded with his gifted classmates which was sadly lacking. Hopefully the sequel – The Gifted Graduation addresses that!

Chimon has also acted in Thai drama Homeschool as an autistic but brilliant student, and in The Player as a humble delivery boy. Again fantastic acting, Chimon is a totally different character in each of these dramas!

Chayanit “Namtaan” Prachkarit
Acted by Apichaya Thongkham (Lilly)

One of Pang’s best friends in the Gifted Program. Namtaan’s power is to understand the emotions and thoughts of people she touches or the owner of objects she touches. Namtaan can strike one as an overly earnest goody-goody but she cherishes the Gifted program more than anyone because of her poor health. I felt that this show tried to “match make” Namtaan and Pang but it wasn’t explored properly. There was also some rift between Namtaan and Claire, which was left unaddressed, and hopefully we will see how this rift pans out in the next season 🤔

Wichai “Ohm” Sai-Ngern
Acted by Harit Cheewagaroon (Sing)

Also one of Pang’s best friends in the Gifted Program. Ohm’s ability is to make things disappear. After a traumatic experience of making a friend disappear in Episode 2, Ohm expands on his ability to make things reappear and make things invisible.

Ohm is careless, forgetful and just wants to lead a carefree life. He tries to joke around to the point of being borderline annoying. I hope to see Ohm mature more in the Gifted Graduation series.

The Gifted Thailand Drama
The Gifted Thailand Drama
Irin “Claire” Jaratpun
Acted by Ramida Jiranorraphat (Jane)

The childhood friend of Korn and the love interest of Punn. Claire’s ability is to read people’s emotions which are manifested as different colours – purple for fear, orange for happiness etc. Claire is sassy and can be unkind to people she doesn’t like. She is openly distasteful of Wave and Namtaan. I wonder why both Punn and Korn likes her hmmm 😒

Jane Ramida has also acted as Eve in Thai Lakorn The Player.

Punn Taweesilp
Acted by Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun)

The love interest of Claire. Punn has the power of imitation – allowing him to master the abilities of other people by observation. The downside of this ability is multiple personality disorder. Puun has the dominant leader personality, the paranoid, the Ah Beng and the suicidal which emerges when the first three personalities start quarrelling among themselves.

Gun Atthaphan is an excellent actor and I am blown away by his ability to portray the different personalities effortlessly 🤩The switch between different versions of himself is seamless and it sheds light on the struggles of people with multiple personality disorder. I also enjoyed seeing Gun Attaphan act as Run in Homeschool.

Thanakorn “Korn” Gorbgoon
Acted by Pattadon Janngeon (Fiat)

The childhood friend of Claire. Korn’s power is that he can go without sleep for days at length. Korn dislikes his power and nearly spills out the secrets of the Gifted program, but is saved from expulsion when Pang uses his powers to compel Ajarn Pom to keep him in the class.

I truly sympathize with Korn and hope Korn can have a better ending! 😢😢 Not only was he rejected by Claire, Korn is also stuck with a superpower he hates and is forced to lead a lonely, isolated life. It was strange to me though why Korn didn’t stand up for Pang at the end to have his powers removed.

Patchamon “Mon” Pitiwongkorn
Acted by Napasorn Weerayuttvilai (Puimek)

Mon has has superhuman strength with enhanced agility, allowing her to excel in sports and combat. The downside of this ability is that Mon’s sweat and tears will turn people insane and violent. This strains her friendships with the martial arts club and Mon, together with Korn, requested to withdraw from the Gifted program in Episode 11.

One thing I really liked to see was Mon’s bond with friends from the athletic club. Throughout this show, it feels that the gifted students have strained relationships with the other normal students, who are jealous of their privileges and powers. It was nice to see Art tell Mon that everyone “hates her but loves her too” and how Mon rejoined the athletic club as a normal student again. I wonder what will happen when Mon regains her powers again hmmmm 🤔

Porama “Pom” Wongrattana
Acted by Chatchawit Techarukpong (Victor)

Form teacher of the Gifted Program and one of the Gifted Program’s ex-students. Ajarn Pom has a powerful ability to manipulate memories, hence everyone on the brink of discovering the Gifted Program’s dark secrets forget everything before the truth is exposed. It is later revealed in Episode 12 that to develop Pom’s ability, Director Supot arranged for illegal experiments to be conducted on misbehaving students – with students becoming mentally disabled in the process. Non wanted to expose the truth but his memories were wiped away by Pom, who betrayed his friend to safeguard his own future. Pom was then overcome with guilt and wiped away his own memories of Non. Despite this, Pom was a good teacher who genuinely cared for his students.

Ajarn Pom strikes me as a coward that backs out at critical moments. After learning of P’Chanon’s sacrifice, I hope Ajarn Pom will find his friend, make amends, and do more to protect his students in the next sequel.

Director Supot Chueamanee
Acted by Wanchana Sawasdee (Bird)

Director of Ritdha High School and the founder of the Gifted Program. He believes that brilliant people are above rules and it is acceptable for other normal students to be sacrificed in order to bring out the full potential of the gifted students. It is revealed in Episode 13 that Director Supot has an advanced version of Pang’s gift of manipulation – which can take place without physical contact. As such, Pang’s and Wave’s plans to bring him down fails.

Episode Recaps and Reactions – The Gifted 2018 (นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์)

The Gifted Thai Episode 1 Recap and Reflection

Pang makes history as the first ever student from Class 8 to enter the Gifted Program, at the cost of his friendship with Nac. Wave discovers his power and the reality behind the Gifted program.

I was initially watching this drama as another typical high school drama until the end when Wave shows his powers. Like WHUTTTTT they are talking about super powers for real! 😲😲

The Gifted Thai Episode 2 Recap and Reflection

Director Supot reveals the truth of the Gifted program to the students. Ohm discovers his potential through a traumatic experience of making a friend disappear.

Can you imagine Ohm’s panic of making a friend disappear? How on earth does a school function like that? If I am a normal student, I’m never going to this messed up school 😖

The Gifted Thai Episode 3 Recap and Reflection

Namtaan builds on her potential by revisiting ex-student Non’s memory as she was curious as to why he would quit the program. She discovers the ugly secrets of the Gifted Program and passes out.

SNEAKY it ended on a cliffhanger!! I really want to know what happened to Non. Bye bye to watching this drama to learn Thai, I’m chasing this drama for the plot! 🤣🤣

The Gifted Thai Episode 4 Recap and Reflection

Sassy Claire is all out to use her powers to get the lead role in the Drama Club but makes lots of enemies in the process. Tensions worsened when a racy video of Claire was exposed.

This was my least favourite episode. It shows how gifted students like Claire manipulate “ordinary” students for their benefit, with no form of reconciliation and no ending scene of Claire changing for the better 😥

The Gifted Thai Episode 5 Recap and Reflection

Head student Punn signs up for all categories of the Academic Excellence Competition. When Wave beats him to the Mathematics category, the multiple personalities within Punn explode. The 4th suicidal personality then emerges to kill Punn.

I cannot stop raving at Gun Atthaphan’s acting skills 🤩 I know he acted in other Thai dramas and hosts a Thai variety series Offgun Fun Night 🤩🤩 Gun Atthaphan >>> Recap now oops 😅

The Gifted Thai Episode 6 Recap and Reflection

Mon’s martial arts friends was exposed to her sweat and suddenly turned violent against her and injured other students. Pang unexpectedly unleashes his power against his former best frient Nac. 

WOW this is the clearest indication to what Pang’s super powers are! There was a hint of it in episode 3 but this episode put clears up all doubt. Also the falling out between Mon and the martial arts group is heartbreaking 🥺 I guess there’s really no true friendship between Gifted and non-Gifted students…? If there’s no manipulation, there’s jealousy. TOUGH 😖😖

The Gifted Thai Episode 7 Recap and Reflection

Korn falls in love with Koi, a victim of Episode 6. He reveals the secrets of the Gifted Program and nearly gets expelled.

POOR KORN 😭 It’s so sad that the person he trusted betrayed him in the end. This makes Koi no better than Director Supot where they both manipulate and hurt innocent people to get what they want. At the end of the day, a person’s character is what defines them and not their superpowers.

The Gifted Thai Episode 8 Recap and Reflection

The students learn of the founding of the Gifted Program by solving a “murder case” for their midterm exam. Wave excels initially but Pang turns tables around as he uncovers the bonus point/the real truth of the “murder case”.

Pang is clearly smart and able to think outside of the box, hence him being selected to join the Gifted Program. No one else but him realised the story was unfinished regarding the dead girl’s body. It’s shocking how there is even MURDER in the picture now, way worse than students disappearing and going mad. How on earth does Director Supot get away with this?? 😵‍💫😵‍💫

The Gifted Thai Episode 9 Recap and Reflection

Wave is furious for losing to Pang in the midterm exams. Ajarn Pom and Pang suspect Wave is the mastermind behind weird events in the school. Namtaam checks on Wave and learns his painful past.

OMG POOR WAVE can the gifted classmates and Ajarn Pom shower him with some love please? I would have much rather the screenwriters matchmake Namtaam and Wave vs Namtaam and Pang 🥺

The Gifted Thai Episode 10 Recap and Reflection

It is revealed that Wave developed a game and manipulates the students into wrecking havoc – destroying school property, attacking teachers etc. The other Gifted Program students work together to stop Wave.

This is what happens with dictatorship. The moment there is a spark, all hell breaks loose. The “ordinary” students have been oppressed for so long that they took the chance to destroy the school. But if it’s me, I’ll simply quit this school / madhouse 🤣

The Gifted Thai Episode 11 Recap and Reflection

Mon and Korn resign from the Gifted Program. Pang and Wave bond over their mutual hatred for the school. They join hands to bring down Director Supot.

Why didn’t Pang include Ohm and Namtaan to fight against Director Supot? N-A-S-T-Y :((( It 100% feels Pang is just making use of Wave and not treating him as a real friend.

The Gifted Thai Episode 12 Recap and Reflection

Pang and Wave discovers the red file that contains the dark secrets of the Gifted Program. They confront Ajarn Pom and the painful past of Ajarn Pom is revealed.

FINALLY we see what happened to Non 👍I was shocked Ajarn Pom could betray his friend and snitch to Director Supot. Hopefully Ajarn Pom does better in the final episode and sequel to redeem himself or he will remain as one of my least favourite characters 😏

The Gifted Thai Episode 13 Recap and Reflection

Pang and Wave attempt to expose the truth during Director Supot’s board meeting with the Ministry of Education. They fail due to Director Supot’s powers. Pang’s memory is removed and he is expelled from the Gifted Program. The episode ends with Pang regaining his memories with the help from Wave and reuniting with all his fellow classmates from the Gifted Program.

Wow it is so interesting to let Director Supot and Pang have the same powers! This was a twist I was not expecting in the show 🤩 Despite Pang’s failure, it ends on a hopeful note. I am really excited for the sequel to see Director Supot and Pang pit their powers against each other. The Gifted Graduation is a must-watch!

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