The Gifted Graduation (2020) – Thai Drama Review

The Gifted Graduation Thailand – Plot Summary

The Gifted Graduation (2020) is again one of the best Thai dramas I’ve ever watched 😍😍. The sequel is excellent and does great justice to the excellent set up of the first series – The Gifted 2018 (นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์). Many questions were answered, such as SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT WATCH THE FIRST SEQUEL!!! the history of Director Supot Chueamanee and how the gifted program came out. This sequel also showed how the fight is beyond what happens in Ritdha High School, expanding into a full blown power struggle between Director Supot and the Ministry of Education. This is something I expected because the ministry definitely should have some knowledge of the Gifted Program. There had to be reasons for the lack in intervention in the twisted Gifted Program despite students going mad, human experiments and even murder! Introducing virus Nyx88 which only targets Gifted cells was such a plot thickener. Another area well explored was how the characters and powers of the Gifted students matured 2 years after the first series.

The Gifted Graduation Thai Drama Cast - Image taken from:
The Gifted Graduation Cast

The Gifted Graduation – Thai Drama Trailer with Eng Sub

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The Gifted Graduation – Thai Drama Character Analysis


Characters from the first sequel – The Gifted Thailand (นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์)

Pawaret “Pang” Sermrittirong

Portrayed by: Korapat Kirdpan (Nanon)

Pang’s character showed a lack of development which disappointed me but this might have been intentional. In terms of his gifted powers, Pang did not show much improvement. One reason for Pang’s powers to remain the same is that unlike Director Supot, Pang disliked manipulating other people to do his will. Only till the very end, Pang managed to use his powers against Director Supot 🥳 as a showcase of his “improved” ability. However, there was no follow up scene of what happened to Director Supot thereafter. A special scene of e.g. 3 years later would have been nice and would have brought a better closure to the series. 

As a leader, Pang tended to be overcome with emotions and his inability to make hard decisions quickly caused the Gifted class to fall apart, which was heartbreaking 😭. I nearly cried when Ohm was left alone to wish Narmtaan happy birthday. That was one of the saddest scenes in the entire series 😭😭. 

Pang The Gifted Graduation 2020 Cast Character Analysis Image taken from:
Pawaret “Pang” De Facto Leader of the Gifted Students
Korn The Gifted Graduation 2020 Cast Character Analysis Image taken from:
Thanakorn “Korn”

Thanakorn “Korn” Gorbgoon

Portrayed by: Pattadon Janngeon (Fiat)

Korn had always despised his power, which is the ability to go without sleep. As sleeping is my favorite activity 😴😏, I sympathize strongly with Korn. God forbid someone taking away my favorite afternoon naps!!! 🤬 Korn’s power evolved to include healing, so he did not die after his suicide attempt.

Actor Pattadon Janngeon (Fiat) did a perfect job portraying Korn’s messed up feelings 🙌 when Pang confronted Korn on his betrayal. I wished the viewers got to see Korn’s messed up emotions from Claire’s eyes – purple/fear for consequences of his actions; blue/sadness betraying his friends; orange/happiness for bringing down the gifted program; a mix of colours for confusion since he was after all, a manipulated chess piece in Director’s Supot’s evil schemes 😥.

Director Supot Chueamanee

Portrayed by: Wanchana Sawatdee (Bird)

Director Supot’s character was very well explored in this sequel. The backstory of his manipulation of the real “Yuth” really blew my mind of the limitless power of his manipulation abilities and the evilness of his character 🤯. This is a typical case of showing how dangerous it is for great power to fall into the wrong hands. However, I would have liked to see a story of how Director Supot discovered his powers and how he, “Yuth” and “Nate” knew each other/got closer and how they built their lair for conducting experiments.

It would have been nice to see Director Supot’s downfall and showing him make atonements for his crimes – such as undoing all the manipulation he did over the years and freeing all people he used to have control over. An ending scene in jail would have been nice too 5555555 😅😂🤣

Director Supot The Gifted Graduation 2020 Cast Character Analysis Image taken from:
Director Supot

Read here to learn what does 55555 mean in Thai

Wave The Gifted Graduation 2020 Thai Drama Cast Character Analysis Image taken from:
Wasuthorn “Wave”

Wasuthorn “Wave” Worachotmethee

Portrayed by: Wachirawit Ruangwiwat (Chimon)

Wave’s powers improved such that he is able to control electronic devices that have been damaged beyond repair 🤖. This might not seem to be a “wow” improvement, but bear in mind that Wave was powerful from the start.

Wave’s character growth was amazing. From a sour lone wolf, Wave grew to love his friends 🥰. Wave was fearful when it was exposed that Korn betrayed the group, but he feared because he didn’t want to lose his friends. Wave also chose to inject himself with NYX88 rather than betray Pang, showing his great love for his friend.

Irin “Claire” Jaratpun

Portrayed by: Ramida Jiranorraphat (Jane)

Claire’s ability was enhanced such that she is able to analyze reasons for one’s emotions (instead of merely registering the emotion). This comes in useful when the entire class felt fear after knowing a traitor was among them – Claire could sift out the different reasons for their fear and identify the betrayer 🙄.

Claire’s character also matured when though she loved Punn, she was able to disagree with him and stand up for what she believed in.

Claire The Gifted Graduation 2020 Thai Drama Image taken from:

Ps: both Ramida Jiranorraphat (Jane) and Wachirawit Ruangwiwat (Chimon) acted in the Thai Drama The Player 2021.

Punn The Gifted Graduation 2020 Thai Drama Cast Character Analysis Image Taken from:
Punn Taweesilp

Punn Taweesilp

Portrayed by: Atthaphan Phunsawat (Gun)

Punn’s powers improved such that he is able to copy a person’s skill without having the reference in front of him, but copying the skills by immersing himself into that person’s behaviour and emotions 😲.

The way Punn was able to even copy Pang’s powers of manipulation stunned me and I felt that the limitless ability of this power was not explored properly. For example, if Punn could have the same powers as Pang, he could prevent Director Supot from manipulating him to inject himself with Nyx88 and Punn could search for Pang in peace, instead of having Wave to search for Pang and then injecting himself with Nyx88. However, Punn might not be able to constantly copy other people’s abilities because it will worsen his split personality disorder. So I’ll choose to forgive the plot hole here 🤭. 

Wichai “Ohm” Sai-Ngern

Portrayed by: Harit Cheewagaroon (Sing)

Ohm ability evolved to make many things invisible, useful for hiding the meeting place of the gang. Ohm’s character also evolved to take the lead in opposing Director Supot at the end of the series 🤩.

Ohm seemed to be a bit of a coward at the start of the Gifted series 1 so being able to stand up against Director Supot in front of a large audience showed immense courage on Ohm’s part 💪.

Ohm The Gifted Graduation 2020 Thai Drama Cast Character Analysis Image taken from:

Chayanit “Namtaan” Prachkarit

Namtaan is a mere guest character as actress Apichaya Thongkham (Lily) was away in Australia studying and couldn’t return for filming. The screenwriters however did an excellent job to explain Namtaan’s absence in the series 😋: That Director Supot manipulated Namtaan’s mother to take her away since he cannot allow Namtaan to discover his shady past with her special powers. However, there was a wasted opportunity to see how Namtaan and Claire interacted post the Gifted series.

New characters in the Gifted Graduation Thai Drama

Grace The Gifted Graduation 2020 Thai Drama Cast Character Analysis Image taken from:

Natnicha “Grace” Wongwattana

Portrayed by: Chanikarn Tangabodi (Prim)

Grace started off as an indifferent student willing to bend rules to get what she wants. It is later revealed that Grace has a powerful ability to time travel and talk to her past/future self. That ability reels Director Supot and throws all his grand plans in disarray 😎.

However, this ability takes a toll on Grace who feels that her current self was being manipulated by her future self 🥺. Like Korn, she chose to remove the ability at the end.

Tharm “Time” Thamrongsawat

Portrayed by: Nattawat Finkler (Patrick)

Time is an earnest student determined to bring back the Gifted program 🤓 after it got canceled for bringing chaos to the school. Time’s ability is to pinpoint the physical location of people/objects from a map.

It’s a bit crazy how he can locate Korn out of the whole map of Thailand but oh well, all gifts are rather crazy. No? 🤪

Time The Gifted Graduation 2020 Thai Drama Cast Character Analysis Image taken from:
Third The Gifted Graduation 2020 Thai Drama Cast Character Analysis Image taken from:

Thammarong “Third” Decharat

Portrayed by: Phuwin Tangsakyuen

Third used to be an abusive student inspector. He has the power of hacking into someone’s mind. Third turned into a nicer person throughout the series and proved himself useful for discovering the real identity of Nate. 😘

The Gifted Graduation Thailand – Ending Review and Reflections

I loved how P’Chanon and Ajarn Pom reconciled 🥰 and they led the students together in the fight against Director Supot. Ajarn Pom had a good point – despite Chanon having his memories wiped out, Chanon lived a life of freedom unlike being Director Supot’s slave and being forced to commit horrible acts. Ajarn Pom also chose to forgive Chanon 🥰 for injecting him with Nyx88 😱, which could have been a really touching scene. Sadly there was no screen time for Chanon to show proper regret over his actions. This was a waste because I’m sure actor Jirakit Thawornwong (Mek) could have done a good job portraying Chanon’s complex emotions of regret for his actions, sadness for his friend, hatred for Director Supot, anger for the wasted years etc. I’ve seen Mek act in the Ugly Duckling Series – Don’t, which I recommended to watch in my blog post on self learning the Thai language in Singapore. He’s one of my favourite Thai actors 😋😋

Another scene I felt should have been explored was the reconciliation among the Gifted classmates. Their split was well explored and so heartbreaking that I teared up 😭😭. In contrast, the reconciliation was sloppily done. Punn simply offered an apology to Korn and Korn merely accepted that apology 😒. Erm hallo, Korn stabbed Punn you know? If I’m the one getting stabbed, even if I understand that the other party was being manipulated to do horrible things, I wouldn’t be able to resist making a snide comment 😏 while showing more concern for that person 😘 instead of just a lip service apology 😒. Korn seemed clueless about the extent of damage he did too. The least I would have expected was a tearful apology from Korn and an tearful entire class group hug ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

The-Gifted-Graduation-Students-Thai-Lakorn Image taken from:
The Gifted Graduation Students from the first sequel

It would have been nice to see Director Supot repaying for his crimes 😏, Nate moving on with her life (while remembering the real “Yuth”), and each of the Gifted members moving on in life. I mean, it’s the Gifted GRADUATION right? 😂 Surely there should be a graduation scene and glimpses of their new “normal” university life. It would also be nice to see Pom and Chanon running the nationwide Gifted Program together and how much their friendship has continued to repair + strengthen over the years 🥰. 

All that said, the ending of the Gifted Graduation Thailand was superb ❤️. The screen writers thought of everything – making every student Gifted, at the time they want, being able to reverse the effects if they want – all on having freedom + equality + potential + big dreams at the same time. Kudos to them! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I really love the Gifted series and I’ll happily watch both seasons again and again🥰. Maybe, after soaking up enough of the plot, I’ll obediently resume learning Thai from the lakorn 😂

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