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Game of Outlaws Thai Drama Plot Summary

Game of Outlaws (also known as Game Lah Torrachon / เกมล่าทรชน) follows the lives of several SIC (Special Investigation Centre) officers and their war against the authorities involved in an illegal drug trade.

Game of Outlaws Thai Drama Trailer

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Game of Outlaws Thai Drama Ending and Review


Apart from the purpose of learning conversational Thai, I honestly felt that I wasted my life watching Game of Outlaws. The acting is good with a star-cladded cast, the plot has a lot of potential but at the end of the day, the entire show was mostly fighting scenes mish-mashed with lots of betrayal, switching of sides and most characters ended up dead. I don’t see how there can be a season 2 given that 13/20 of the important characters died. So many scenes weren’t developed properly too. For example, no one mourned over Chat’s death. It was just an “okay noted” event. Rita is just a killing machine and I don’t understand why she isn’t killed each time SIC gets a chance to do so, but they go through a long arduous fight and get injured/killed themselves. It was a great pity seeing Lalisa and Mavin get killed instead of staying alive to make atonements for their wrongdoings and having the love between them developed properly. I can go on and on about all the plot holes and missed opportunities for this drama 😭😭😭

If you are looking for a good Thai drama to kickstart your exposure to Thai lakorns, check out the Gifted (2018) and the Gifted Graduation (2020) instead! 🤩

Main Characters of the Game of Outlaws and their status at the end of 19 Episodes

  • Nont: Male Inspector at SIC
    • Status: Alive. Happy ending with Janenaree.
      After conducting an illegal raid in Laos to capture Singh, he takes the fall and gets shunned to do mere paperwork. Disgruntled, Nont becomes “Black Mask” and attacks the drug dealers on his own. He gets scouted by Commander Pim to fight the drug dealers. 

A side note, Thai actor Mark Prin Suparat acted as Nont and this was the very reason why I started watching Game of Outlaws. His acting in this show is superb 🤩 I have watched quite a few shows starring Mark Prin which I recommend for any Mark Prin fans to check out (at the bottom of this blog post)🤭.

  • Janenaree: Female cop at SIC
    • Status: Alive. Happy ending with Nont.
      Jenenaree kills Sakda, the drug lord who killed her father when she was a child. She gets sent to jail for murder and in jail, got scouted by Commander Pim to fight the drug dealers.
  • Lalisa: Female cop at SIC
    • Status: Dead. Killed by Rita.
      Lalisa constantly felt overshadowed by Janenaree, the adopted sister she grew up with. She tries to manipulate evidence to protect Jenenaree after she killed Sakda but got caught by inspector Phongsathorn. Thereafter, life took on a downward spiral as she constantly got threatened and manipulated by the bad guys.
  • Mavin: Mafia on Drug Gang 2
    • Status: Dead. Killed by Wichan.
      Mavin was forsaken by his family and taken in by Sanchai, hence his loyalty to Drug Gang 2. However, when his niece’s life get threatened, he decided to leave the Drug Gang and joined forces with SIC to bring down the bad guys. In love with Lalisa.

A side note, I have also seen Thai actor Top Jaron act in My Hero Series: The Forest’s Wind Binding Love as the main lead Itsara. My Hero Series is another Thai drama I recommend to watch.

Other Characters of the Game of Outlaws and their status at the end of 19 Episodes

Game of Outlaws Thai Lakorn Netflix
Game of Outlaws Thai Drama Netflix
  • Anya: School kid, Mavin’s niece
    • Status: Alive. Happy ending with Rawee.
  • Rawee: Janenaree and Lalisa’s younger brother
    • Status: Alive. Happy ending with Anya.
  • Phin: Commander at SIC
    • Status: Alive
  • Khajorn: Commander at SIC, in reality with Drug Gang 1
    • Status: Dead
  • Phongsathorn: Inspector at SIC
    • Status: Dead
  • Chat: Officer at SIC
    • Status: Dead
  • Sarin: Officer at SIC, in reality with Drug Gang 1
    • Status: Dead
  • Wichan: Head of Drug Gang 1
    • Status: Dead
  • Songklod: Initially mafia of Drug Gang 2, betrayed and joined Drug Gang 1
    • Status: Dead
  • Jomkwan: Wife of Sakda, Flings of Songklod and Wichan
    • Status: Dead
  • Rita: Initially mafia of Drug Gang 2, betrayed and joined Drug Gang 1
    • Status: Dead
  • Singh: Initially mafia of Drug Gang 1, betrayed and became an informant
    • Status: Alive
  • May: Rita’s lover
    • Status: Dead
  • Sakda: Mafia of Drug Gang 2
    • Status: Dead
  • Sanchai: Head of Drug Gang 2
    • Status: Alive and captured
  • Chane: Mavin’s bodyguard
    • Status: Dead

Thai Lakorns Starring Mark Prin Suparat (which I have watched)

  • Waves of Life. Also known as Kleun Cheewit/คลื่นชีวิต [2017]. Mark Prin stars as laywer Sathit, who vows revenge on the woman that killed his fiancee. This is a show I have also recommended in my blog post on Thai Dramas to binge watch without a Netflix account.
  • My Husband in Law. Also known as Ok Kueap Hak Aep Rak Khun Sami/อกเกือบหักแอบรักคุณสามี [2020]. Prin Suparat stars as Thian who was forced to marry Moei for his own safety.
  • Ab Ruk Online. Also known as Secret Love Online/แอบรักออนไลน์ [2015]. Mark Prin plays the role of Pranon, a subordinate whom the tough lady boss falls in love with. The show also stars Kimberly Ann Voltemas (Kim), who is Mark Prin’s real life girlfriend 🥰
  • 3 Noom Nuer Tong. Also known as 3 Golden Men/สามหนุ่มเนื้อทอง [2011]. This show pairs Mark Prin and Kimberly Ann as the leading couple 🥰 who finally managed to be together after a series of trials and hardship.
  • 4 Hearts of the Mountain. Also known as 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao/4 หัวใจแห่งขุนเขา [2010]. I started off watching Thai dramas with this series and have absolutely no regrets! 🥳 In this series, Mark Prin stars as Din, one of the 4 quadruplets. He is the mastermind of the mischievous plots the 3 brothers have against their sister and it is hilarious to see how karma strikes Din thereafter. The beautiful sceneries of this show also got me interested to tour Khao Yai, the largest national park in Thailand.

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