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Remember You Thai Drama Plot Summary

Remember You (2021) is a Thai lakorn you should definitely watch if you are searching for Thai dramas to watch on Netflix. This drama is a remake of the 2015 Korean drama – Hello Monster – and the remake follows the original plot closely. The plot follows the memory of older brother Tanwa and his search/remembrance of his younger brother Meena, who was kidnapped by criminal Pathomkan at a young age. As Tanwa investigates a string of murder cases, he is brought closer and closer to the truth of who Meena is and how Meena turned out after their separation since childhood. 😰

Note that the Thai name of this drama is คือเธอ “kheu teur”, which more accurately translates to “About You”. 🤭 Hence, I would have felt that “About You” would be a better English name for this drama. That said, I can understand why the producers chose to name the show “Remember You”, because this English title echoes the sentiments of the younger brother Meena and his desire to be remembered/loved by his older brother. 🥺

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Remember You Thai Drama Trailer

Ps: There are no English subtitles for this tariler

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Remember You Thai Drama Main Characters

Tanwa / Tony

Tanwa had a difficult childhood as his father suspected him to be a psychopath, not realizing that the real murderer-in-the-making was actually Meena 😱 Tanwa’s father locked him up in the basement 🤬 in a bid to “correct” Tanwa’s worldview and protect society from him. After a genius criminal Pathomkan murdered Tanwa’s father and kidnapped his younger brother Meena, Tanwa was raised by his father’s colleague, Commander Wilawan. The adult Tanwa is now a genius detective engaged by the Thai police to crack murder cases. Tanwa has a cold and aloof personality and offends people easily 🥴

Ps: I don’t find the actor of Tanwa that great 😑 Throughout the drama, Tanwa remains awkward, stiff and emotionless. He barely showed sadness when he found out who Meena was and he also did not seem to feel anger when confronting Pathomkan finally. 🤕


Who is Meena and how did he turn out after being kidnapped by Pathomkan? Lo and behold it turns out that Lawyer Paytai is Meena (!!!) 🤯🤯 This is clearly revealed at the end of Episode 8 which shows Lawyer Paytai painting Meena’s signature 2-face painting in his art studio. You can sense the tension between Tanwa and Paytai starting from Episode 3 when the two brothers first crossed paths again, and they kept turning back to look at each other with foreboding music playing in the background. Throughout the drama, Tanwa and Paytai/Meena reply each other with just “krub” which is 100% awkward 😂😂

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The adult Meena/Laywer Paytai is a genius who murders those who have abandoned their family. In Paytai’s/Meena’s mind, he is murdering Tanwa over and over again as he misunderstood Tanwa and thought Tanwa abandoned him to be raised by Pathomkan. 🥺🥺

Aiyada / Aye

Aye is introduced in this drama as a person stalking Tanwa since childhood. This is not for romantic reasons – Aye’s father went missing after Pathomkan escaped from prison and was therefore suspected to be Pathomkan’s accomplice. For some strange reason, Aye suspected Tanwa and ended up stalking him for years. 😒 However, romance does sprout between Aye and Tanwa halfway through the show. 😏

Pathomkan –❗❗SPOILER ALERT❗❗–

Who is Pathomkan and how is he related to everyone in the series? It turns out forensic doctor Kongkiat / “Kong” is the all-elusive criminal Pathomkan (!!!) 🤯🤯 Kong/Pathomkan had an abusive childhood and he murdered all 13 people in his family to finally escape the abuse. Ever since then, Pathomkan murders people who abuse their child and then rescues the child – which is rescuing his childhood self in his mind. 😥

Remember You Thai Drama Netflix
Remember You Thai Drama Netflix

Other Characters in Thai Lakorn Remember You

  • Inspector Thanat: The leader of the detective team who has a crush on Aye. Realizes the truth about his Father Commander Issara and the cover up on Pathomkan’s escape from prison.
  • Fab: A detective in the team whom Tanwa has offended.
  • Nakhorn: A detective in the team who murdered Commander Wilawan when she wanted to expose Pathomkan’s identity as Doctor Kongkiat. He did it to repay his debt to Pathomkan for rescuing him from his abusive childhood.
  • Commander Wilawan: A colleague of Tanwa’s father, who was tricked by Pathomkan into allowing him to communicate with people from outside the prison. This turned out to be a fatal mistake which led to Pathomkan’s escape from prison, as well as the murders of Tanwa’s and Aye’s fathers. Killed by Nakhorn when she wanted to expose the identity of Doctor Kongkiat as Pathomkan.
  • Commander Issara: Inspector Thanat’s father. He covers up for Commander Wilawan’s mistake to save the reputation of the police force and made Aye’s father the scapegoat for Pathomkan’s escape.

Remember You Thai Movie Ending

I felt that the ending of Remember You was rather incomplete and it felt that the screenwriters rushed through the ending. For example, what happened to Meena/Paytai after he turned himself in to Aye? Despite committing multiple murders, Meena/Paytai had a rough childhood of witnessing his brother kill someone in self defense (which triggered his murderous tendencies) and was raised by a murderer. As Tanwa claimed, Meena/Paytai would have the chance to be normal had Tanwa been the one to raise him up and inculcate proper values in him. 🥺🥺

My dreamed-up-alternative-ending for Meena/Paytai 🤭 is to have him on lifelong parole, stripped of his law certificates and staying happily with his brother (and Aye). Unable to work as a lawyer, Meena/Paytai becomes a full-time artist and holds his own art exhibition.🤭

Nothing also seems to happen to Commander Issara which is an incomplete ending for me. I would have loved to see how Inspector Thanat interacted with Commander Issara after discovering the truth. Given how Inspector Thanat can threaten Commander Issara with his mother outside-of-work, perhaps some action could have been taken to get Commander Issara to confess the truth and take responsibility for his actions.

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